Baby, Don't Hurt Me

July 5, 2010
By Jenn Alford SILVER, Hackettstown, New Jersey
Jenn Alford SILVER, Hackettstown, New Jersey
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I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days about love.
Like, people say the word is tossed around and whatsuch, but is there really a problem with that? I can say I love my Family, I love my boyfriend, I love my family, I love my friends.
However loving someone, as best I can define it, is putting up with bad parts of people so that you can experience their best qualities by knowing you’re better with than without them.
A random quote that some facebook page says that “if someone can’t take your worst days, then they don’t deserve your best.” to a point, I suppose I agree. I mean, I hate dealing with negative people as much as the next pessimist, but I know for a fact that helping people through, or at least sticking with them through their issues is the most productive thing I can do for anyone I care about, and them for you. On your worst days you turn to your friends, your family, and those with whom you share love, in hopes of consolation or at least a shoulder to cry on. There's no problem with that, it's their job and yours to be in that position, so that both of your lives can continue emotionally and socially.
For example the other day I called a kid who hurt my friend telling him I’d enjoy the sight of him being hit by a truck. It’s true as well. Don't tell me it was mean, because I'm well aware and it didn't effect his life in any major way.
So I guess if you’re sticking with them or helping them or whatever you’re doing, their pain is yours as well. You don’t only look on and say “Geez, that sucks. Sure glad I’m not in it though.” Because frankly, if you’re in it for them or for both of you together, it’s gonna hurt you too and anything you can do to lift both of you up isn’t exactly out of the question.
Love-love, like relationship love is the same, I suppose. Although at some times the pain comes from your partner, which is an interesting flaw in it all. You want perfection but in doing so you’ve got to have the other person agreeing with you. That’s not going happen if opposites do, in fact, attract. Or if you’re feeling neglected or left out or simply disrespected. All in all, pain and love coexist; anything slightly opposing to a picture-perfect image of your relationship could change everything.
You’d wonder to what lengths one would go to be happy, eh?
Everybody’s desperate.
Everybody wants love, don’t they? It’s not always easy to come by.
I've seen girls that I know drive themselves crazy over a boy. They insisted that they wanted to lose their virginity, just because they wanted to feel loved, and that such-and-such a boy, in not having an interest in her other than a friendship, hurt them endlessly. It confused me to no end why someone would want to do that to themselves, be desperate for courtship. In my opinion, one should enjoy themselves while single. Relationships are great, of course, but they are a great deal of work as well. Within such a situation, much of your time is devoted to making your partner happy and by doing so keeping you happy. Your friends, your family, your hobbies are less of a priority.
Granted, if it makes you truly happy it all falls into place.
Essentially, relationships are to be taken up at one's own risk. There is nothing wrong with being single in the young years of your life, they are the most important and to be happy with what you have is truly a virtue for adolescence.

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