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June 19, 2010
By GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina GOLD, Charlotte, North Carolina
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It's not about where you are, it's about who you are. -Riley (me)
do you remember when you were four, and everything was possible? I remember those days, but dang, i gotta get back to reality. -Riley (me)

Sitting here, starring at the screen with music coming out of the speakers. tears rolling down the soft cheeks of a one who hopes she is loved by "the reason." I found him, and hope he'll stay. I wonder if you meant it when you call me smartie, you say it's because i'm sweet like the you really mean it? I've been hurt so many times i don't know if i can't trust anymore people being sweet to me. All the lies and screw ups that came into my life will never go away. It's always going to be here. This is deep, really deep. Is it too deep for you? I tried to tell you everything, i just don
t think you're ready. I hope we can work it out. Take my hand, i'll show you everything. I will be your teacher, you will be my student. I will show you to a new world that is most likely better than shall i say wonderland. I can't say heaven, because heaven is the divine promise that God has made to us. Growing up, I will eventually thing of you. Two weeks, that's all it took for me to figure out that I miss the one who wasn't afraid to show me off to the world. No lies with it and no fake tradgeties, not even a tradgety that I can put sympathy onto. I miss you....i hope you miss me <3

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my sweetheart <3

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