What is Love?

June 23, 2010
By KeiaRawr BRONZE, Manchester, Tennessee
KeiaRawr BRONZE, Manchester, Tennessee
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Anyways, love. We all think we've had it or felt it right? Our parents love for us. Our love for our friends. Your love for that special someone in your life. Its all love, right? Wrong. Love is just a simple emotion. An infatuation of sorts. Real love isn't something you can put a word to. Its not something that can be explained. It shouldn't be explained. It should be felt. It should be such a special bond between someone that neither party can come up with a word that describes it accurately. Its something that people should not even try to describe because they know they can't.

So what is love exactly? Well, in my opinion its just an infatuation with someone. How strong or deep that infatuation really is depends on the people. Any two people can be 'in love' if they try hard enough. All you have to do is be open and willing.

Now that is what is wrong with most of us. Not many people are open and willing anymore. People want others to come to them for relationships. Its a two way street. You have to give to get. But not many people want to give anymore because of the fact they get hurt. Its all part of the process. That just shows they gave more than they received.

Then there is the whole love and lust deal. What is lust? Lust is the physical attraction between people, basically meaning you want in their pants. Most think Lust leads to Love and other think Love leads to Lust. The two generally go hand in hand. Usually when you Love someone you are in Lust with them, which is a different thing altogether. If you only want in their pants, you don't love them, and I'm sorry that I'm the one that had to tell you. Lust should come after love and only when members of each party are ready and willing to give in to that feeling.

In all relationships, the two people are always on different levels. One wants to take it another step further while the other wants to go slower and just enjoy themselves. Generally, the one wanting to go slower is the one that doesn't want to get hurt. Rushing into things or falling too fast leads to a big mess with lots of pain. People usually don't want to feel emotional pain and will do almost anything to stop it from happening even if it means closing themselves off from feeling anything like the emotion of love. It all just depends on the person.

Despite the different levels in a relationship though, they both do want the same thing. They want to know the other wants them. No, not the in your pants kind of want, but the longing to be near that person. They want to know the other cares about them. Some would rather feel that you care rather than hear it, but others would rather hear it than feel it. It all depends on the person and how they take to physical contact.

Now in all honesty, I'm probably the last person that should be preaching about this subject just for the general reason that I honestly do not believe in love. I believe there is a feeling like love, but I do not believe in the whole 'one person for everyone' and the 'soul mates' thing. Like I said, anyone can be 'in love' with anyone. But just because I don't believe in love, doesn't mean that I don't quite a big about it. I've watched enough of my friends, family, and myself get hurt and broken because of the feeling that I know enough.

And in the words of my friend, Kati.
"Don't tell me you love me. Show me you love me."

The author's comments:
This was not written to change points of view on love, but to merely give another point.

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