what we all need

May 28, 2010
By , Norman, OK
Life is a battle, with yourself, with people you love, with people you hate, with society, with nature, and with just about anything else out there. We all struggle to find ourselves, who we are, who we want to be. We all have gains, we all have losses. We all get lost sometimes, and at other times we might help someone else find their way. But for everyone there is a different version of that same, mutual story.
What we all need is someone to be there for us, stand by our side when everyone else is trying to drag us down. Someone who will help us up and wipe our tears when we fall. Someone who will forgive our every mistake, our every offense, our every flaw.
What we all need is some we can be there for. Someone we can place a hand on their shoulder when they cry and won’t pull away. Someone who we listen to cry and not feel ashamed of them or for them.
What we all need is someone who we can teach, learn from, laugh with. Someone who can instantly know something’s wrong and what it is even if we have the hugest smile on our face. Someone we can know that about. Someone to share the deepest secrets of our hearts with. Someone to be a child again with. Someone we can embarrass ourselves in front of, and they will laugh and do the exact same thing. Someone we know, somehow, that they will never be gone. That they will always be there, and so will you. Someone to help us get through life’s odd battle.

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