Atom Bomb

May 27, 2010
By , Park Ridge, IL
Someone once asked me what I thought of love, and now I think that I finally have an opinion. Love is like an Atom bomb. After it’s over you are always left with the shock of it, and the sickness of it. So then why do people love love so much? I say it’s the feeling of it. It’s the emotion that comes with it. It’s the pure exhilaration it gives us. It’s the fact that love is the most demanding, intense emotion a human can have. This emotion takes over a person’s life. That is if they can catch it.
The statement I’m about to give makes me feel like a hippie, but it’s true. This world needs more love. Now I won’t say love is perfect, or that love is flawless, but it comes closer than just about anything else on this Earth. Love never means harm and is always patient. If the world had less hurt and more patience it would be a better place. That is something that anyone could agree to.

Finally, love is the most pure thing that a human can experience. Even though it may not happen now or may not happen for twenty years, it is pure and it will drive my life once I experience it. How wonderful that day will be when I finally find the one girl that is right for me.

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