May 24, 2010
By Anonymous

okay lets say you're in a relationship and you 'think' you have falling head over heels for this person, lets take a step back and think over somethings.

subject one: how well do you really know this person?
now if you have been friends for a while and met through a group of friends and you know this person really well then you might think thats all good and dandy right? Well you might be surprised to find out that the person you love isn't really who you think they are. for example, one of my last relationships... I talked to this guy months on in, he seemed really chill. really cool hands down. after months past we started talking more serious and we got together, then the 'real' him came out!
if your so called other forgets to tell you that they think they are a spirit of the devil brought from hell to do work for the devil himself, is in a gang, has a baby, and is on hardcore drugs then a red flag should come up to GET THE HECK OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP, when you find out.

subject two: cheater?
okay heres the deal if they were in a relationship before you and was talking to you like they wanted to get with you, breaks up with that person for you, and so and so thennn they are probably going to do the same thing to you!
you know the saying, once a cheater always a cheater. just a heads up there.

subject three: mental, emotional, and physical abuse.
seriously people if that person brings nothing but stress and always makes you upset or screams at you or even touvh you then why are you with them? "ohhh well they love me, they said they were going to change!"
key word there...WERE! if they haven't changed after the 2nd or 3rd time, chances are they will never change. they know that you keep putting up with it so they want to test your limits. I just have to ask... what the heck is wrong with you! get out of it alreay. there is someone wayyy better then a crap master like that person.

subject four: trust, honesty, and communication.
now communication is key. if you think you cant trust that person because of your past or theirs then why don't you just talk to them about it. they're a person not a dinosaur going to bite your head off. chances are they might have a thing or two to talk about with you too.
and god people lets be honesttt! if you can't be honest with the person you're hooking up with then why be with them. thats just gonna start drama ans fights, which you don't want. TRUST ME!

alright sooo thats just some of my points of views in relationships.
(may not apply to everyone...)

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