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May 4, 2010
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Overprotective parents take away freedom. Parents think that forcing all these rules make you a better person but let me tell you it does not.

I have a overprotective dad and it sucks. He has just decided to let me have a facebook but I have another problem. He doesn’t want me to have boys on as my connections. He’s afraid that boys are going to lead me to other people and that he knows nothing about them. But he knows nothing about the girls I have as friends either. It’s embarrassing to tell a guy, “ I can’t add you because you’re a boy and my dad doesn’t allow boys on my facebook.” I mean how lame do I sound. Right now I think I have about twenty requests from different guys. My dad has taught me to be a good Christian and do the right thing. I go to church every Sunday and listen to what the preacher says (sometimes). I don’t understand why he doesn’t trust me to make the right decisions.

Most kids can do whatever they want to. They can go wherever they want to, be with whoever they want to be with, and do whatever they want. But me- I cant. My dad lets me go anywhere I want to but anything with the word “boy” in it- is a NO, NO, and NO! He shouldn’t fear though because I pay attention to which boy I talk to.

You miss out on a lot of things when you have an overprotective dad. The hottest show just came out but your dad won’t let you watch because he thinks it’s to sexual or has to much profanity. Or when your teacher assigns you a library book but your father doesn’t want you to read it because- again- to much profanity and to sexual. Its gets annoying after awhile when you cant do anything because of your OVERPROTECTIVE DAD.

Overprotective parents shouldn’t base their rules on what other parents have told them or what happens to other kids. It should be based on the how they react to certain things, their behavior, or life- and- death situations.

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