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May 4, 2010
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Family is one of the most important things in life. It is really important because without it you will be able to do whatever you want and you will become a bad child. Without family yuo will feel that you do not get enough attention at home and that you are not loved, then you will try to get a lot of attention at school and you will be getting in trouble in your classes.

Family is very important because without it when you do something wrong no one is there to tell you do do the right thing next time. When you get a bad grade and your parents dont care and dont tell you to do better next then you think that it does not matter anymore and you are just oging to blow off school. When you and your family do not get along well you dont want to be home so you will only be there to sleep and who knows what you could be doing outside of school and outside of your home.

Studys show that 65 percent of students of teenagers that have a good relationship with there parents end up being successful in than ratherthan people that have no relationship at all. The people that dont have a good relationship with there parents are the ones that are always argueing with them and fighting, all of this makes them not be home and do bad things.

Ifeel strongly about this because one year in my life i had a bad relationship with my family i wanted to be there less and less time.i also had 2 failing grades because i could never focus on my work. The reason that I could never focus on my work is because i was always thinking about the arguement that had gone on last night. Iwould aslo always be mad and my mom and dad. Now that i have a better relationship with my mom,dad,and sistersi have started to make better grades and i also want to be home more often.

These are some of the reason that family is one of the most important thing in life because without it you will not be successful in anything.When you have a better relationship with your family you end up doing better in and out of school. You also become a better person, you will have more friends because you wont always be mad from an arguement that went on the night before.

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