True Love

April 26, 2010
By , Park City, UT
Love is a funny thing it can cause large amount of happiness but it can also cause a large amount of sadness how do I know because I have seen this happen many, many times to friends,loved ones and so on but Love is no longer well.... Love it’s just become a word that we use out of context for example my friend said that he loved this girl he met two days ago and I shook my head in disappointment. And I told him the same thing that I tell everybody that say

“They are in love!” You can not say you are in love until you feel it but that’s the tricky thing how do you know your in love? Love comes in many forms as well. Like I love my dog, I love my dad, I love my cosine and then theirs the love you feel when you heart flutters every time you see this girl or that guy but in this i say that love is a tricky thing love is for the ones who know its way around the mazes and tricks and traps you just have to be careful take it slow or in some games people like to take the love fast and move on with their life which is most common in today but if you think you are in true love then keep going and be forever happy but what makes a relationship is patients and truthfulness both key essentials to a good relation ship. But i can’t tell you the ingredients to True love. For I am one that only sees love I will never get to feel it because of a Mental disorder called “being a psychopath” And before you say something stupid like “he’s crazy!” Im not I just don’t feel emotions and such but i can grasp the understanding of love and I say “Love” all the time but to me thats just a empty word a hollow shell so for all those who are in true love all I can say is “Be always happy, Be always thankful, Be proud do not let your friends or anyone talk you out of your true love! It comes once in a life time and you will never see it again and take it from me even though I’m a psychopath..

Sincerely, Me

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MarinaOreo said...
May 18, 2010 at 6:42 am're a psychopath? I'm confused. I didn't like that you didn't have even one sentence in the whole article but I still see your point. I've been in love and it's wonderful and awful..i've lost it because he eventually decided he didn't love me the way I loved him and now I have someone who loves me more. It's a precious feeling of course that I never want to let go.


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