What is it Like, Love?

April 30, 2010
By Liz11 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
Liz11 BRONZE, Centerville, Iowa
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What is it like, love? To know that someone out there cares for you unconditionally. That someone was made for you, to fit your mold. Are we all born as just a half? Walking around searching for the other unwritten, unexplored significant other? What if one piece to the fractional puzzle doesn’t search? Or spends an overloaded amount of time searching, and just never finds. Will the second person simply live alone too? On the other hand, will he or she try to jam together his or her piece with another’s to compensate? And after “compensating” too many times this person, this significant other feels used. Questions about everlasting solitude arise making it difficult to keep going. Then there is the question of what if? What if two people pass each other on the street six times in one day? Is that a sign from Venus that maybe, just maybe they are meant to share together a cup of coffee? Get to know each other a little bit more? After all, they could fit the perfect mold. It is difficult finding love. Who defines it and what makes the cut? Love is grand, love is pain, love is sweet, sour, sickening, love is… No one really knows until they find it. Until it hits you on a rainy Thursday night in the middle of November, and your entire mind chooses to run to that person you spent twenty-six minutes talking to, on the morning ferry boat ride in to work. Almost magical the way love works, it make no sense what so ever and yet, we keep chasing it, hoping that it will erase the past and open up into a radiant time to come.

The author's comments:
I'm a little confused, and a little scared.

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