hard times pay off

April 14, 2010
By Moorbeauty SILVER, Miami, Florida
Moorbeauty SILVER, Miami, Florida
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" I am a female, I can do beyond my limits"

I am a Female. I go through alot for my age like other females do. I am a perfect example of what problems females face. I have a relationship with a male just a few years older. the decision he wants me to make is something i don't agree of. but there is hope if he will not wait for me then i shall move on to someone that will. most of us females think becuase we have strong feelings for someone we have to show them by pleasing them in every way they wish to be pleased. i female sould decide when and where something should happen. to be put in a situation can hurt us but we love ourselfs enough to say no and move on with our lives. for the love of the females, they cuase us pain ,put us through things you can only imagine. but for some reason we move on and live to the fullest. showing the love back after all the pain trying to forget and sometimes it's hard but soon enough it will pay off. LIVING FROM OUR MISTAKES

The author's comments:
i hope females would realize the world needs them and that they are more to the world than they think. also i hope they realize even if someone they know doesn't love them , theres people all over the world that love them waiting for them to speak out.

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