Love ???

April 23, 2010
First of all does love really exsist ?? Well at least at our age. Love is something that we teens shouldn't be saying. Sure you have a boyfriend for a long time, but do you truely love that one person ?? Would you give your life up or freedom ?? These are questions that I asked myself when I was going out with a guy since 6th grade and it ended a week ago. Love and guys are the same thing. They are buses they come and go and never stay for a long time. If you do truely LOVE that person you would last a long time and get married. Half of the guys I see my friends with end up running off because they got scared when my friends told them that they wanted to be together foever. Love in high school and middle school don't really last forever. The love that should truely matter right now is your love that you get from your family and true friends not backstabbers.

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