Getting over sexual abuse

April 20, 2010
By Anonymous

If you was sexually abused.whether you're a male or female you probably won't tell anyone becuase they won't believe you or you're just too ashamed. well i think the best way to get over someones sexual abuse is to talk about.
the reason i think the best way to get over someones sexual abuse is to talk about it, simply becuase when you say things outloud they don't seem as frightening as they did when you kept them inside. usually people sexually hurt people who they know won't tell anyone becuase they would be ashamed or no one would listen. there are many people who would listen to a child or anyone that needs someone to listen. to me the best way to get over pain is to tell and that is why i speak my mind to other kids about sexual abuse.
WHEN i was about 9 years i used t be sexually abused and for some reason i couldn't tell. but one day i met this girl who had so much in common with me her too was abused and she told me everything and after i told her my story if anyone ever asked me hadi ever been abused i would proudly say i was sexually abused . and even though it felt so hard for me to speak about it i do becuase many people are going through what i been thrugh and don't kno how to deal with it

The author's comments:
Alot of being sexual abused dont speak out

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