Teenage Love

April 1, 2010
Is there a such thing as love?

There’s no such thing as teenage love. One will tell you they love you, and that’s why they treat you the way they do. ONE WORD ALWAYS POPS UP, LOVE! Love doesn’t give anyone a reason to do anything wrong to another. Teens are too young to even say they love someone or are in love with someone. Some teens are too young and dumb to get out of the bad relationship.
Teenagers shouldn’t worry or think about loosing someone or being with someone. Teens should focus on school work. if that is straight then maybe they can worry about a relationship. Young adults know nothing about the true meaning of love. They are too young to be in love. Teens just say it to get what they want. I believe love is only a word. They should be focused on school and worry about even being with somebody later in life. And this is how I feel about this issue. Maybe who ever is reading this should feel this way too.

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