April 10, 2010
By Anonymous

Trust; to have reliance, confidence, or belief in someone or something. Such a small word is so powerful and is constantly thrown around. Trust is put in the hand of wrong people everyday, and is often betrayed.
Everyone has someone they can trust. Someone they can tell everything and anything. They rely on that person for advice, comfort, and secrecy. We all need someone we can turn to, and with out trust, we have no one. By giving someone your trust, you open the possibility of a whole new relationship
Trust is something that can be hard to obtain, but very easy to break. With one slip a bond could be broken. It’s so hard to gain it back because there’s a good chance they will do it. It doesn’t come easy to most. Once you’ve been hurt or betrayed, it’s hard to trust again because you are so afraid of feeling the same way all over again. It’s so easy to break trust and it’s even easier to be hurt.
Trust can’t just be thrown to someone who has not proven themselves worthy. If there’s a reason why you think they are unworthy, then you should believe your gut. Before you can trust anyone, you must be able to trust yourself. If you don’t have the confidence and reliance in yourself, then you can’t bestow it on anyone else.
Trust; hard to gain, and easy to loose. It’s difficult for us to trust but deep down we all know that we need that someone to trust.

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