Same Sex Marriages

March 25, 2010
By MzDimplez16 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
MzDimplez16 BRONZE, Orlando, Florida
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Have you ever seen or experienced love? When just the sight of that person’s face made you crack the biggest smile, or how the sound of their voice makes your heart pound. Classic adorable love story; but what if I said that instead of Romeo and Juliet it was 2 Romeos or 2 Juliets? Now all of a sudden it’s a big issue, and the fact that these 2 individuals are in love doesn’t matter. Why should love bother someone it certainly doesn’t bother me.

Quick question would you ever intentionally make someone un-happy? Hopefully you answered no... But what most people don’t realize is that when they make judgments on someone’s sexual orientation it can cause emotional damage. One thing that comes about is depression. Also they tend to feel alone, or as out of place like someone wearing shorts during winter. Another effect is they don’t feel satisfied, and feel as though it is necessary to marry someone of the opposite sex in order to be approved in society.

Another problem that occurs is people live in fear. Most people don’t “come out of the closet” because they are scared of being picked on. Along with that those who are in same sex marriages continuously get judged. They are also treated unfairly/mean. For example, when it is leaked out to the public that you were gay or a lesbian people make assumptions on the way you are. Also in a way to show their disapproval some people would egg or do other mean stuff to them.

If I placed 10 different people in front of you and just said point out the homo sexual could you do it? I didn’t think so… Therefore I feel saying so-and-so is unqualified to do a specific type of work or saying they aren’t better than you is just wrong. It’s impossible to know just by a glance, and regardless unless they tell you wouldn’t know. A person is a person what they believe in does not define who they are, or their physical abilities.

Love is Love and, should just be left at that. No I am not a lesbian or bi-sexual and yes I am a Christian. Still I strongly feel that there is no issue here and that there is nothing to protest against. No one has the authority or the right to tell someone how they should love, who they should, or the way they should love. As long as it isn’t you and you aren’t participating in it then it shouldn’t affect you point blank. Whether or not this is something you approve of it is around, and not going away any time soon. The best thing to do would be embrace same sex marriages because they are here and we can no longer ignore them. We are all human, we all share this one Earth, all breathe the same air, and we have an infinite capacity to love whoever it may be towards…

The author's comments:
I am straight but I know plenty of homo-sexual or bi-sexual who are constantly judged I don't appreciate it one bit.

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