March 20, 2010
By leighamarie SILVER, Saint John, Other
leighamarie SILVER, Saint John, Other
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"poetry is elegant shorthand"

The charcoal sky cracks behind the transparent mountains and another cold,heartless night burns away.Exposing the sun,illuminating the smokey hillside like a photograph.The firey sky calms and morning beging to turn the soft pinks and oranges to a paint by number of light blues and chalky clouds.Your eyelids;heavy like rocks plummeting to the bottom of the pale blue ocean.The last images of your dreams,your nightmares,fade from your mind as you open your eyes and sip your black coffee;inhale the first satisfying drag of your cigarette,snapping in the crisp morning air as the orange flame moves towards the yellow-stained filter.filling your lungs with nicotine and the scent of fresh coffee.Words run through your mind like raindrops that drip on your face and are never seen again.Much like the words you alwayswanted to say.The words we believe we own,that we feel,need to be said,no-screamed at the top of our lungs-shouted from roof tops until no more sound comes out because then we would feel ok,but you won't,their just words that mean nothing unless that special person that they're meant for can see the emotion pouring off your face and spilling on this page like every single rain drop for every word you never had the nerve to say.You would be free,or can you really be free?Today has just begun.A day of new choices and beginnings,memories-good and bad.They're all waiting for you,so put down your cigarette and let the rain pour.

The author's comments:
i've written two of these descriptive paragraphs they go together;Dawn and Dusk. this one is about how we occasionally lose sight of the bigger picture as teenagers and feel like nothing will get better when really our wouds(if used properly) can set us free.

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