March 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I believe that divorce is something that can be easily avoided in life.
For the most part splits happen because of small uncertainties that slowly escalate into an enormous break that ends in divorce. This all comes down to critical choices that you make from when you are in your later years of high school and your early years of adulthood. All these choices sculpt your life into what will eventually become a marriage and from there become a family.

When I think of marriage I think of it has the end of the uphill climb of life. You make all these decisions that may seem small at the time but they clump together and form one enormous outcome and that each choice should be carefully examined and analyzed in great depth because these choices are the fabric of your life. I know that I hold my future and I can make it become whatever I choose, whether that is the happiness of a wholesome and complete marriage or the sadness and depression of a split, that is my decision to make.

I am not saying that all divorce is bad, in most cases it is completely necessary, I am saying that If you make sure that every single part of your partner is your other half, that there is not even the smallest uncertainty because that little uncertainty is like a levee failing, it starts with an almost invisible whole but it gradually builds and builds until the whole thing just breaks and your flooded with the waters of sadness and the thought of your life being set back five years to before you were married.

Marriage is in my opinion the biggest decision of your life. It should be a bulletproof decision that nothing can break through. There should be zero thought in your mind that it’s the wrong decision. This all comes down to the way you see the choices that are placed upon you. So next time you have to make a decision think to yourself, How much effect will this have on the rest of my life?

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