The Secret Behind Relationships??

March 18, 2010
By xhashimoto SILVER, Maricopa, Arizona
xhashimoto SILVER, Maricopa, Arizona
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As a listener amongst my peers and closest friends over the past two years, I have been considered to have good advice. I am not bragging or trying to tell everyone to come and talk to me but, about 99% of the time my friends came up to me to talk to me about something, it was always about the person they were having a relationship with. They always were, "He does this..." or "She never does this..."; anything around those lines. There's one thing that must always be constant and never-ending.

Communication: the dictionary calls it so:
-the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.

To me, there is so much more than the simple "hi and bye" or how the other is doing. You have to be able to sit down, share an intimate moment about the other's thoughts and be able to understand their point of view and why the feel that way. Unfortunately, this is the basis of so many things in life and in relationships; it seems to be the one that is hardest to find and structure upon.

For example, I had this friend who was having trouble with her boyfriend; this one other guy liked her and her boyfriend of course, didn't like it. Like most teenage guys, overflowing with testoserone, the bf wanted to "jump" the guy and my friend didn't want her bf in trouble. I told her to have him listen, if he really likes her, he'll listen. Long story short, I saved the relationship and they are still dating.

People need communication and interactment, that's just how we are. Even though you find the one guy who will seemingly not talk to anyone, there is at least one person that "loner" will open up to. When we communicate with others, we feel more satisfied that there is someone is there to listen and we establish within ourself a self worth because there is someone to listen to us ramble on and on.

90% of what we say, isn't coming out of our mouth; body expressions and facial expressions.

It doesn't really matter how you communicate, as long as the message gets through.

So open up to anyone you know, find a topic for you to build on, and before you know it, you've established a friendly relationship with someone.

The author's comments:
Communication for me has been the hardest thing in my life for me to actually understand. I can open up to certain people but I'll clam up with the next individual. I just hope everyone else will be more successful at expressing themselves than myself.

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