pressure for love

March 16, 2010
By koolaid_man5 GOLD, El Monte, California
koolaid_man5 GOLD, El Monte, California
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Myself want someone needless to say im single and i always get "don't worry you'll your dream _____. in time in time". Personally I can't stand hear this because well words are well useless and meaningless.
I mean if you look around you can see images of couples, love,and lust pushing the idea that you need someone. These images also influence on how you pick a mate based of what they look like they can offer and do , status ,etc... Yes im young but what happened falling for someone for who they are but not anymore for two reasons:1)looks count so much more now 2) society making people fake and hard not letting them let down their guard to reveal who they really are and if you would well you're weak. Then being in high school i just feel the need to be with someone more i mean sadies homcoming and can't forget the big one PROM. i mean like school friend and media tell you to pair off and if you dont you arent right and cool whatever. then with facebook twitter myspace we dont face each or interact with people anymore. how can a true relation be formed. and why would we use social sites to find a mate when they can totally being lying and hurt you like i have seen first hand. love today is had to find its just lust for something nothing real is here.

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