Mr.Ken, Mr.Perfect, M. Perfect for you

March 1, 2010
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What exactly is a happily ever after? More importantly does it truly exist? Many women, or should I say women of New York, believes that there is love out there. The only thing that they don’t believe is that it is easily found. Every women in New York is looking for what I call a Mr. Ken, a Mr. Ken is a perfect Barbie doll of a man. A Mr. Ken is the kind of man you can take all around the city standing proudly hanging on your arm. A New York Diva of course is looking for that Mr. Ken, that way they are able to strut down 5th avenue with their three hundred dollar “Supercuts” haircut, their brand new Gucci, and Prada. Now that’s just a New York Diva’s fantasy. Their dream is to find that Mr. Perfect, the kind of guy that gives you Goosebumps just being close to him. The kind of guy that when he smiles at you, just make your heart start racing. The guy you could stay up all night with just talking on the phone with. Everyone wants that perfect Romeo. Now the thing is when you think you find that Romeo, what’s the next thing you do? How do you keep that little happily ever after? The thing with most women is that they are so worried about finding him, that when they have him they don’t make the relationship at all. So what am I supposed to say about that? I know not all men come with a sign saying “hey doofus! I’m right here!” all I can say is we have to stop looking for Mr. Ken, and start looking for a soul mate. Now I’m not saying to lower your standards to dirt, I’m just saying don’t make them so impossible to meet. Love doesn’t come in your perfect form, you want to know why? Because nothing on this Earth is perfect. No matter if one of you divas out there reading this think you’re the best thing out there, you’re not perfect. So all you have to do to find love is to stop looking for Mr. Ken or a Mr. Perfect, look for a Mr. Perfect for you.

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