He gets me thinking

February 28, 2010
By Anonymous

What if this, what if that, what if,what if?! I have so many questions and assumptions in my mind, but you know what I have to do. I should let him know how I feel. Keeping it in, won't help. But I have this insecurity about myself. I like to bottle up my feelings, I don't like telling people how I really feel. I know, it's not good for my mind, and body. But I feel like its the only way, to escape. To wander away from his evil ideals. I love him, I truly do. But does he truly love me, too? Or are his words just sugar-coated? I feel like a pet. I feel like a lonesome puppy. I want him to know, I cry at night. I wonder what he's doing all the time. Though, I'm no clingy-wingy. At first, He was the clingy-wingy. Can someone please help me? I'm tired of being confused and dreaded.

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