February 10, 2010
Sitting on my posterior (or more commonly called butt), with my sister Samantha is nothing as it seems by the mere description of a sentence. She is not deaf, blind, and dumb; she is a survivor of many illnesses. My sister has went through heart surgery, dealing with serious hearing impairments, and being so sick as a child she had tubes up her nose.It was really scary when I was a kid, because she was always in the hospital. In present times she is fourteen, and can be annoying. But, she is also a reminder to me to value life in every shape and form.

Samantha is trying to peer over my shoulder as I write this, we are sitting in front of my laptop and she is profusely giggling at every underline squiggle I correct. Sammy, as we call her, loves to bring humor into any situation. Sometimes she'll laugh just for the joy of laughing, and we all follow along with her, after fifteen minutes of her laugh with a cheerful resolvent. My sister is what means the most to me in life, along with writing fiction.

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