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February 4, 2010
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Okay ,Well. Theres this guy i thought i would NEVER date(this guy is also good friends with another guy i am absolutely head over heels for.), then about a couple months later, we started dating [not the one im head over heels for.], but just like all my other relationships, it only lasted about two weeks. a few days after we broke up, one of my good friends was dating him, she broke up with him for me and got ous dating again, but he broke up with me again not even three hours later. He knows i still like him., the problem is, he said he NEEDED to stay single and hes already found some other girl he likes. He was my first kiss and we're still really good friends, and i REALLY miss him as my boyfriend. And i just dont know what to do, if i should tell him i still like him or if i should just forget about it.

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imnotjaye said...
Feb. 16, 2010 at 4:35 pm
on a scale 1 to 10 how much do you like him? if you think he is worth it, you should go for it. and how much do you think he likes you? that affect your decision too. if both numbers are over 7, then go for... i might be wrong, i might be crazy, but its what i think you should do...
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