Because Love Shouldn't Hurt

February 8, 2010
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Romeo and Juliet believed it. Ariel, 16-year old from the Little Mermaid, believed it. In fact, most Disney princesses believed it. The 'it' here is love. More specifically, teenage love. I've been called old-fashioned, arrogant, and cold hearted for what I'm about to say, but for real people, this "teen love" thing is really beginning to become a little ridiculous. Why must everyone be so eager to act older? I'm perfectly fine hanging out with my friends and, truthfully, my mother. Sure, I'm a mother's girl and her "dating is overrated" speeches have been pretty much memorized, but I form my opinion on what I see, not what I've been told. Boy dates girl.(Or vice versa) Boy gets what he wants from girl. (Or vice versa) Boy dumps girl. (Or vice versa) Boy moves on to next girl. (Or vice versa) And repeat. (Or vice-wait...) Dating seems so harmless and fun to most girls. I mean what girl wouldn't want the hottest boy in school to be their boyfriend? Me. One in three high school students have or will be involved in an abusive relationship. . I'm not saying that every relationship in high school will end up this way, but I would much rather wait until I'm older and wiser to date. One day, my Prince Charming may come, but right now I've seen too many people get stuck in an unwanted relationship, get hurt by the person they thought they loved, get their spirits broken by an abusive partner, or become too blinded by "love" that they can't see what's happening to them that I think I will stay away from relationships until I'm sure. Because love shouldn't hurt. Ever. I'm not ready to grow up and get caged into a marriage just yet. For now, I'll work on my friendships and make sure those last before I lock in a man.

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Ninoshka said...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 9:25 am
I agree entirely with your article. We must build close relationships with friends rather than focusing on a person that might come later in our lives. Wisdom is just one requirement to finding this person, and most adolescents just don't have this, unfortunately. I am glad I read your article. Teens should be having more fun with friends, and leave the rest for later.
darbie replied...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 9:47 am
Thanks I'm just so sick of seeing my friends get sucked into that craziness... it consumes their life and takes them away from their other friends... Sorry! I'm totally going into another thing entirely. Thanks so much for reading it though!
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