Real "Love"

January 25, 2010
There I was heading down Devil's Lane, into his burning arms. Smoking, lying, stealing; you might as well just say I was giving him what he wanted; my life.

It wasnt long after all the mistakes I was making my cousin took my to church. THe church was called Pleasureville Baptist Church. I really didn't even want to go because that wasnt my thing at the time.

So, when my cousin started taking me to the church I ended up liking it; I also started going every wednesday and Sunday. It wasnt long I ended up getting saved and baptized! Now im in involved in my church then ive ever dreamed of being involved.
Stephen is my youth pastor, and he knows I have a passion for writing stories, articles, etc. Stephen came to me and asked me if I would write some articles for the churches newletters. I was so excited I didnt even think, I just said yes! The question he asked me to write was, "What is one thing you want adults to know about teenagers today?" Here is my answer:

"To be truly honest, teenagers want to find love from someone to feel their emptiness inside them. They want to feel loved and wanted by someone so badly they sometimes make the mistake to have sex with the opposite sex to get what they think is "love". That's what I really want adults to know about teenagers today.

Do you know what how teenagers feel their emptiness inside them? They, again, go out and make the mistake having sex and getting hurt because they thought what they were being "loved" by that person. The "LOVE" they were getting was nothing like they wanted/ since they lost that "LOVE", they move on to the next person and so on. Finally they end up getting pregnant and ruining their lives, making it worse then it already is. Even though they though sex was filling up there emptiness, the emptiness is jsut getting deeper and deeper.

Some teenagers today think that there is no hope for them, because they feel like if they've messed up in the area of "love" then it's over! For example, my youth pastor and wife help me realize my life wasnt over and I could fix my life right now. That's when adults need to take action, because teenagers think there is no hope for them, and then they quit believing in themselves. Adults need to take out there bibles and show young people that there is hope for them, plus, they are loved in many ways, not just by God, but they need to know adults love them, too! They need to knowGod will feel up their emptiness and give them a chance at life. Don't let them ruin their life because they dont exactly know where to find the love their looking for. All you have to do is show them.
I am a teenager and when I say teenagers need to feel loved, that comes from the bottom of my heart. I want to feel loved, and before I knew God, I was on the path a lot of teenagers today are on. But one of my cousins took my off that path and showed me that I am loved by someone. That "someone" is Jesus. Now I look out to all those teenagers who are struggling to find love or going through horrible times, the best thing I can do for them is to show them love and also show them God's Word.
Last but not least, remember when you were a teenager. Didnt you want to be loved and cared for? What if you made the mistakes that most teenagers are making today; with having sex? If your parents showed their love and care, for you, would you have been making the same mistakes? Dont let your teenagers make the same mistakes you did.
Teenagers dont be afraid to talk to your parents!

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trblue said...
Feb. 1, 2010 at 1:02 pm
finding love in all the wrong places and the righ place to find love is a book.
it's timeless
it can also be burned
but there love
Chasity replied...
Feb. 9, 2010 at 4:21 pm
Teenagers (which I am one) think guys love them for who they are. Which some do. But most guys are in it for one thing during teenage times. Im not saying you cant find love as a teenager, but we as teenagers need to slow things down so we dont get hurt. But no matter what there is always GOD'S LOVE. You may not be religious or anything, but just stated. Plus I hoped you liked this article.
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