View Of Being "In Love"

January 13, 2010
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Love is undefined by the unmature mind. Yes love can have thousands of meanings coming from different human begins. Love is an experience a verb that seeks to be used. Many people need it, and hardly get it or many people get it, and take advantage of it, even let it go unseen. Whether a family memeber, boyfreind/girlfreind or just a freind, everybody needs love! Love is what helps us to continue with life through the most harshest times, it brings us light in the darkest hours. But, being in love is a another ball park. Now that is a touchy topic! My viewpoint of being in love has the normal symptoms such as those active little butterflys in your tummy. The increase in temperature that causes the unwanted sweating or the more techinal ones such as, the uncalled for loss of words, and the breath taking superb feeling of happiness. Being in love is more mature than one can imagine. It calls for giving somebody the key to your heart. Yup that's right ,the oppurtunity to break it even. But, if two people are mature enough and hopefully, bestfreinds they'll have a bond that is so beyond our thinking that they can make it through anything.Being in love requires having the courage to get hurt, to explore the unexpected, to welcome in the jealous arms that try to break u apart and ask them are they giving it their best? because "we" won't budge! Being in love is not for everyone it takes hard work, it takes arguments, and it takes a lot of compromises. Its making that commitment to make each day better, scarficing your life for theirs if its needed. Going beyond limits to break and obtain the harmony that was intended for you with them. Being in love truly is a "once in a lifetime" thing, as so I heard. When it happens you will know, don't deny it because it's to much to grasp. Grasp the sheer thought of it and don't ever ever let go. Being in love is being able to look into another's heart and being capable of seeing that persons soul, that complete feeling, that feeling so deep and true that you don't see yourself with no other, even when your gray and sitting on the porch reminiscing. Being in love is a gift for only the strong at heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit.

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