Who has influenced me

January 12, 2010
My parents influenced me. They helped me to get through school. Loathly, my parents helped me with my homework, at times when I needed them. Getting my driver's license was a huge part in my life. My parents made me study. I was ineffectual to my mom and dad. My dad took 4 days off of work, but separate days. He came with me to encourage me into getting my license. I scrutinized the directions that the instructor was guiding me to. After about the fourth time, I had passed. I met all of the instructors in Watertown by the time I passed.
When I was soliciting, my mom helped me to get a job. She had me advocate to her boss and set up an interview. I was hired the next day. Working with my mom was not that bad, but when it came to vexatious kids in the room. That was a different story. Teaching kids was a responsibility. My mom did that job. The days that I was sick, my mom was there for me. She took a day off work to take care of me. My malady was nefarious, so I went to the doctor. Finding out, I had a virus. It was flu symptoms, but ten times worse. Making Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, my mom made sure that I ate. If I didn't feel like eating, she would still make me something. My mom is amicable.
My parents have done a lot for me. I would like to return the favor. I'm willing to pay for something if they need me to. Being astute, I will take care of my money that my mom and dad have saved up for me. I'm going to college because my parents want me to. Going out into the new world, that I haven't seen before will make me become stronger. My parents are willing to be there for me when I need them the most.

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