Love. Yes, Small Words are Simple

January 4, 2010
By Rebecca Holmes BRONZE, Columbia, Pennsylvania
Rebecca Holmes BRONZE, Columbia, Pennsylvania
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Love. One of the most simple words, yet so complicated. It drives almost any story, show, book or movie. It is intertwined in our everyday lives yet not fully comprehended. It seems so often people look at love as a complex being that you can not possiblly grasp or understand. But i beg to differ, what if love really isn't that complicated? What if all the complaints of people and their rantings are just because they have never stopped to truly understand it. Love isn't complicated. Love is simple. It's not how many shoes your boyfriend buys you or how much money your parents will give you for college. It's not the romantic candle lit evenings, or the cards you get on your birthday, it's not the breakups, it's not how passionate the kisses are or the words he speaks. It's not about plucking petals off a flower,"he loves me, he loves me not". There are people who believe love is a verb, an action, or maybe a noun, something you can hold or see, or maybe you think it's nothing that can possibly be described. No, love can't be described with articles, or books, or self help tapes. it was never meant to be, yet so many people try to tell you so. The thousands of books about dating, marriage, finding your soul mate, what to wear on your first date, how to meet the parents, is he really into you. The movies about neurotic women who won't love anyone or the men who can't settle down. Those perceptions have made love artificial. Love isn't something that should be disected or analyzed. Maybe love is like the magic of Christmas or the fairy tale stories, maybe you don't need to explain it or why it's there. Maybe "and they both lived happily ever after" is all you need. You just have to know in your heart that it's real and it's there and don't question it. Love is about taking chances and not looking back. It's about trusting yourself. It's about waking up in the morning not thinking about the problems of the world but knowing it will all be ok as long as you can come home to that one special person and just look at them, just stand beside them look into their eyes and breath. That's love. It's smiling just because. Maybe love is an emotion that doesn't need a works cited or dictionary. Love is a feeling. It's the deep breath you take as they walk in, it's the butterflies that never stop, it's the shiver of disbelief that goes down your spine. It's the feeling, it's the emotion of knowing you will never be alone.

The author's comments:
I began taking sign language classes a few months ago, and we were visted by a deaf couple. A couple who were madly in love. It made me think of what they thought love was, they couldn't hear each other's voices or charm each other with words, they weren't exposed to all the chaos of the world and all the heartaches we tell of love and how we disect it to find out every aspect and factor that determines love. Yet they were in love. I realized then how simple it really was. I'm not sure if you'll agree, but at least you'll think about what really defines love.

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