Lack of Trust

January 6, 2010
We have all had fights with our parents, its what families do. A big issue between my parents and me is lack of trust. I always thought that their nosy questions were simply because they were just so untrustful. Trust is something that you have to build; and I thought that after fourteen years, I would have earned my parents trust for an eternity, but I haven’t. For example, I was at the mall with my friends; we had finished watching a movie and were standing in line at a fast food joint, to my amazement, my parents showed up! The reason they were there was that they wanted to eat at a restaurant in the mall. Now, I could see this happening in a small country town, but in a huge city? Their reason for being there was, “we told you we were going to pick you up at 7:00, you didn’t call us to tell us otherwise.” This might be a valid excuse, but we met at the mall at 4:00 and watched the movie at 5:20, so in all fairness they should have known that I wasn’t going to be ready by 7:00. this of course felt like no one trusted me what so ever. After that, I soon began to realize why my parents butted into my life over, and over.

In the next, few months I started high school. High school really opened my eyes, I saw people whose parents trusted them so much that their parents had left their lives completely; or to the point were the they had been able to do what ever they wanted that they were so screwed up, mentally and physically.

I was beginning to see my parent’s constant nosiness was simply love. My parents were interested in my life, what was going on, whom I hung out with and what we were doing. This might sound horrible and prison like, but it’s not I now know that if I ever screw up in life my parents will be there to untangle the mess and pull me up out of it.

If your parents are overprotective and nosy:

Stop and think what would it be like if they weren’t there
Let them meet your friends, it might be deadly embarrassing, but they might stop pestering you about who you hang out with
Tell them exactly what you are doing and call them if a complication arises

With these tips, you might be able to earn more trust from your parents and learn what it is like to be in their shoes and how they feel.

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