Break Ups

September 7, 2009
Okay we all know that break ups are hard, but they can be very, very harsh too. I am going to give some tips on how to be nice on breaking up with him or her. Guys, we like to know exactly why we are getting break up, no clichés please. We know what you mean when you say, its not me its you, you mean that it is actually us but I am trying to be a gentleman and say it is you, but you’re not. Be nice as always, let her down gently. Say, if you have a busy time right now say, “I really like you but I think right now is not the best time because of work/school.” SAY THE TRUTH though. No lies, please. When I say the truth don’t call her a fat pig because all she will do is watch The Notebook 15 times with chocolate and ice cream.

Now girls, they don’t want a explanation. Just say its over and they will be fine. They will probably try to fine someone to make you jealous but they won’t. You can say, “I think of you as a brother.” It won’t bother them, for some reason. Still, girls, be nice, they still have heart. Also don’t make a huge scene like in the movies, because since you are not in a movie, he won’t follow you even if you want him too. I have done some break ups with some guys and trust me, they do not like scenes, it doesn’t work.

Now for both. If you ask them that way you have the right to break up that way. If ask them out over text, you can do it over text. But, guys if you have the courage to ask her out in person, have the courage to break up in person. It means you still care about their heart. Girls if they break up with you and you want revenge by going out with his friends don’t do it, they have a guy code, meaning that they don’t date best friends ex-girlfriends. Guys don’t go after the sister, because trust me, sisters talk, a lot. So I am going to close this saying, be nice, be truthful, and be a man when it comes to breaking up with someone.

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