if you dated your best friend, would you still be best friends if you broke up?

January 2, 2010
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have you ever had a best friend you want to date? have you dated him or her? will you still be friends when you break up?
well i wonder about these question alot because i have a best friend and i want to date him, but i dont no if we will still be friends if we broke up. sometimes i just want us to be friends then i want to be more than friends.
this is my story. me and my best friends have known each other for 8 years and over the time we became closer and closer then the next thing i know is that me and him are alone togerther and im laying in his lap and i thought that me and him should be more than friends because most everybody in our school thinks were dating because he always has his arm around my shoulders or we are holding hands and we are always together. heck me might as well be dating, dont you think? well i want to date him but i dont know if he fells the same way but i think he does. what i am wondering id if we date will that ruin our friendship if we break up, because if it did i dont want to date him because i need him with me all the time and to know that i have somone to be there for me when i get hurt or something and the other way around. i need to help him when he gets hurt. but i dont know if i should ask him out, i mean the worst he would ever say to me is no, he would go crazy saying that i asked him out or anything like that, he would keep it a secret. if we did go out he would still keep it a secret unless if i wanted to tell evryone. but i just dont know for sure about what to do.

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