My Theory About Love.

December 15, 2009
By HeartOfInkx33 GOLD, Lowell, Massachusetts
HeartOfInkx33 GOLD, Lowell, Massachusetts
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"In the end, it will be okay; if it's not okay, then it's not the end!"

That 4 letter, 1 syllable word is enough to drive us crazy.
Everybody wants love, and everybody wants to know the true meaning of it; the real meaning, of true love. I believe that the definition of love, comes from our own individual hearts. To each person, it has it’s own meaning. Mostly, everyone would probably agree, that love is something that two people with a certain connection feel when around one another. Others may think it’s a word that one would say to another, letting them know that they care about them deeply. But on the other hand, the word can also be thrown around. For an example, a young teenage couple date each other for about a month. After the first few days, they start to say “I love you” to each other. A few weeks later, the girlfriend discovers that her boyfriend was cheating on her, leading to the break up. That doesn’t sound like love to me. So, if you don’t mean it, why say it? That question has spun around my brain as long as I can remember, and there most likely will never be a real answer.

My definition of love, would have to agree with the Merriam Webster Dictionary. That being, “warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion”. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? But, I’d like to read between the lines a little. When it says, a “warm attachment”, I usually think of a boy and a girl holding one another, nice and warm, and well, attached. It also sounds like you would get that tingly feeling, or as an old NDA teacher would call it, “the warm fuzzies”. Like that feeling you get after taking a long hot bath, the feeling of being at peace, calm, and pure. Or maybe possibly feeling as if your nervous around him, even though your really not; like having your heart beat so fast you think it’s skipping beats, only your feel 100% comfortable in your sweats & a pony tail around him.

Now, it also says “enthusiasm”. I don’t think you would have to be jumping for joy every time you see him, even though it wouldn’t hurt, but in my opinion, it could mean him remembering the little things that make you smile. Like in the morning, when your getting ready for school and there’s a text waiting for you saying “good morning”, from him. That usually turns my whole morning around when I start off on the wrong foot. Or if you two are just taking a walk, and he holds on to your hand tighter, somehow it could make you feel like he really cares about you. So over all, in my opinion, enthusiasm just makes me think of the fact that I don’t want to be away from him, and when I am, I’m hoping that I might just be crossing his mind.

Then of course, there is devotion. My personal favorite part of love. I think that devotion is the most important part of love, because it’s promising your partner that you will not lie to them, about them, or hurt them by cheating. It’s the loyalty, the trust, and the overall respect you have to show in silence to your other half. Usually, you can see it in their eyes, their movements, and the way they speak to you, for you to know if they are truly devoted to you. Now, during the 21st century, it may be very difficult to find. But it also shows how much the waiting is really worth.

My theory of love is probably different than yours, and that’s how it more than likely should be. When you find your true love, you wont even realize it. You can’t choose, or see who you love, only your heart decides. I guess the best things in life aren’t seen, that may be why we close our eyes when we kiss, and dream.

The author's comments:
actually, a god friend of mine inspired me to write this; one day in history she wrote down what she thought about love, one part really stood out to me, she said "love is like drinking a hot cup of cocoa" or something along those lines lol n thats what lead me to this whole essay xD enjoy & comment <3

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