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December 15, 2009
By Will Hays BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
Will Hays BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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I’m pretty sure that everyone has their own definition of their perfect partner. I would call it a “dream partner”. I believe that people should really think about what they want their dream partner to be so they will not settle for less than what they desire. If you settle for less, then you are more likely to break up with the person because of unsatisfaction. In my opinion I think you should find a partner that you can relate with and share common interest in. I think that if you find a partner like this than you are more likely to be happy with each other. The main things to find in your partner are personality and features, what they like to do for fun, how and what they will do to have a more successful future and you have to know what they like about you. The special things you have to find out about your partner are what they do that you like and how they make you happy.

I have a real-life experience with a perfect partner. Her name was Jasmine. We had to be the most perfect couple in the world, but something bad happened and we had to be apart. She lived around the corner from me since we were young. We spent so much time together as we got older. We were so into each other and we both wanted a successful future. I liked her a lot because I would do anything to make her happy. I didn’t feel right if I was to upset her. She was beautiful, she was funny, and she had a great personality and had great goals. She was like my best friend because I could come to her and tell her anything. The sad thing that happened was she had family problems here in Cleveland and she had to move with her Grandmother in Las Vegas. I haven’t talked to her since July 2008. Overall it was the best feeling I have ever had towards a girl. She is my definition of a perfect partner.

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