A first time relationship

December 15, 2009
By , Cleveland, OH
It’s hard being a pastor’s son in this generation’s teen life. Me, well I have been only known in the Christian world, churches, the youth and pastors. For me my first girlfriend was at the age of sixteen, in the middle of my 11th grade. I am not saying I didn’t like girls it just that most of them said no. Sometimes we might get pressured at a young age, most teenagers had a French kiss experience sometimes as early as the 6th or 7th grade. Me well I had it, well that’s not for you to know I just think that all teenagers should wait until the age of 16 to have a first relationship.

There are a couple reasons why I think this. First I think there would b a much lower rate of STDs, I mean for me I know that in the relationship that I am in, I know that for a fact she is he one. All of us teenagers have the question in mind, is he or she the one. Well to me there is only one way of finding out, praying. The thing is that most of us don’t do that. I know hard to figure out if he or she is the one. Fact a lot of first time boyfriend and girlfriend relationships start in the 6th through the 8th grade in my opinion, that’s hat I have seen. I personally think that is wrong because, in my opinion we should wait until we are in the stage of our life when we have to make big decisions and that is one of them. I believe that a girl should be treated like a princess and a guy like a prince, when u can find someone that can treat you that way is the one. Yes in this world there is one person made for the other. God’s purpose is for us to be happy and be able to find that one special someone that he created for us. Once you find that person that is going to be the one for the rest of your life. If we wait until the right moment we can get that person one the first try.
I know that is better to wait for a first time relationship so that everything can be special, you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will have a good first relationship if you do these things.

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Jhazy said...
Jan. 13, 2010 at 10:08 am
you totally have a strong point... but with this first relationship even though u pray.. but if u had pervious relationships it would be more easier when your in this relationship with the "one" simply because u experienced certain sitatuions to have a outlook on what to do next. There is nothing wrong with inexperience but it is good to have some to a certain exent... but i commend you on pointing out that most of us don't pray when it comes to relationships. I pray and i do thi... (more »)
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