Negativity Friendships

December 15, 2009
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I disagree with the article that a lot of friendships are formed based on their negative impressions of other people. I disagree because I feel that people become friends based on what they both have in common or what they share the same interest in. For example, I enjoy playing volleyball and a good friend of mine plays volleyball, I love to shop and my best friend loves to shop. Somewhere along in the friendship you might discover that you both dislike the same person or same thing but I don’t believe that’s what started your connection with the person. I believe that disliking the same person or same thing can definitely bring your friendship closer. But I also disagree with the article because I became close with a lot of my friends based on what we both like. I like the reality show “The Hills” and I met one of my best friends based on that. When you first meet someone and realize that they like the same thing or same person as you do then it makes you happy and it makes you feel like you have found someone who you can share your thoughts about with on why you both like the same person or thing. When you first meet someone and you start getting into a conversation based on something or someone you both like then one of you might say “hey, lets meet up for coffee sometime to finish this conversation” people don’t just get into a conversation about why they hate someone or something and then ask to meet again to finish talking about why they hate that someone or something again. Talking about why you hate someone or something is a one time thing. If you start a conversation with someone and you start talking about someone you hate it might turn them off because you’re talking badly about someone behind their back. This is why I disagree with the article that friendships are started based on negative impressions of other people.

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