So there's this guy...

December 29, 2009
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So there's this guy. & he's got my attenton. He's amazing in pretty much every way. We've been together for almost a full year now, & i have to say, i can't see myself being with anyone else but him. He's been my bestfriend for as long as i can remember. Every relationship has flaws, right? Because no relationship is "perfect". Or at least i've never seen one.. yet. The thing about this article thing i'm doing, is i have some concerns. Noting major, but just "why?" kinda things.

So first off, my friends don't really like him. & i have NO idea why! it's like they don't care that i'm HEAD OVER HEELS for this boy, they just wanna mke me feel like he's not worth it. But to me he is. I don't know if i should change my boyfried or my "friends".

I need advice!

Anytime we're together, i feel on top of the world. ya know? I still get butterflies in my stomach when i hear his name or pass him in the halls. & i don't ever want that to change. Cause it's that silly litle kid kinda love. Even when i'm with my so-called "friends" & i talk about him, my face just glows. I don't see what the prob. is, why can't they just be happy? Geez. it's realy killing me too. Sometimes i just wanna runaway with him, & never look back. I don't know who's more important at this time now. Friends or Love? :/

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