Love is

December 23, 2009
By Sar_Bagar BRONZE, South Berwick, Maine
Sar_Bagar BRONZE, South Berwick, Maine
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What is love? The dictionary says it as affection for someone or something. But what is it to me? Love to me is caring about someone so deeply you wouldn't know how to keep going without talking to them everyday. Love is giving something to someone just to make them happy, even if you know they didn't get you anything back. Love is the feeling when you both look at at each other and realize you just clicked. And now you feel closer to them like never before. Love is never shutting up about them, or not worrying if you make a fool out of yourself just to make them crack a smile on a cruddy day. Love is....a lot of things, in a lot of different things. And to me, love can be the greatest feeling ever.

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