Forget What People Have To Say About Ur Love

December 21, 2009
So listen up everybody and anyone that is in a relationship with someone that u really, truly love. If u r in a relationship with someone and people around you are telling u that it is not gonna work out evaluate the situation. . . if they love u like u love them and they need u like u need them there is no point in resisting their love . The people around u are just telling u that because they want to ruin what u and have and they dont want to see u happy. And to all those people out there that are nosy and cant mind your business. . . u need to stay out of people's love life for real because its not anything that concerns you. You need to go and find someone that is gonna love you for who you are and not for what you have or what your gonna have. K this is just real f***in talk.

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