My mom just called me easy.

December 20, 2009
My mom has been through alot.She is overly stressed and presured to succeed.Sometimes she tends to take it out on me,---but this time,she went all out. Yes, she has been dropping hints about her thinking i'm easy ,today, she had nothing stopping her from being straight out and up front about my image towards her. My own dad thinks i'm the school slut because of how my mom puts things when telling the 'story.'
Yes I hate it and they know nothing about me and how i'm trying to not have the same reputation in 2010. The year is almost over and 5 months into my 7th grade year. My mom will be proven wrong as to what she thinks of me. I'm sorry if she honestly thinks i'd just let some random guy touch me. I get it, i'm pretty and smart & with this generation little boys think they can take advantage of that. My voice "Boys, NO. Mom, thanks for letting me show your wrong this time."

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vcarlos said...
Jan. 22, 2010 at 11:20 am
wow.. um.. sorry. I know that can put you down.. It sure did to me when i came out to my mother and she called her own son a bi__h f_g.. It really put me down and effected me for two months. I.. got over it some.. though she still hasn't accept me fully.. we get along okay. Hope the same will happen and has no affection on you.
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