love is there for anyone and everyone

December 20, 2009
I know there is atleast one person out there that thinks they are not good enough for that one person they like, people need to take risks bcuz ull never know whats gonna happen if you dont life goes by fast take a risk no matter the situation. And i am going to say bout liking someone if you are like me and you need a partner to complete you or you feel worhtless just believe in yourself and dont put your self down bcuz when i used to like this guy that was just using me i cried bcuz i thought i wasnt good enough and i was ugly and then one day i was on xboxlive and every guy told me i was pretty and i realized it was one guy that didnt like me so i hated myself? wtf was i thinking .. was i high he was nothing.and now i forgot bout that guy ... he still calls me but i hang up on him and i have a boyfriend that loves me very much and i think that we are perfect you have to just look for that perfect guy/girl . some one is out there for everyone nojoke and elieve in yourself no matter how ugly you think you are .. your not every one it attactive in their own way and it not about look i havent even met my boyfriend in person but i still love him n i am seeing him this coming christmas or sometime in january. you do not have to be attractive you just have to be yourself someone will love you if you jst open your mind and dont have second thoughts bout what your gonna do!!!! just do it

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