The Above Average Mother

December 17, 2009
By Melissa Ochoa BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
Melissa Ochoa BRONZE, Westfield, Indiana
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Heroes are always thought as a knight in shining armor, and they save the day at the perfect moment and ride off into the sunset. They are showered with treasures like Odysseus, and they are known forever throughout history to millions around. Their lives are thought to be perfect and a dramatic fairy-tale. The truth is that a hero can come in any shape and size, and he or she can turn the smallest deed into an outstanding accomplishment. My mother, Patty, is a hero that rises far above all others since she has been a fighter through a difficult childhood, currently courageously raises her kids, and she shows so much love and loyalty to God. Average-sized with a happy smile and shimmering blue eyes, she is a hero rising far above Odysseus. The reasons are endless, and whether it is her sense of humor or her motivation, the day always ends with a smile.

Her life wasn’t always a walk in the park. Throughout her childhood she had to deal with her father who was an alcoholic and his emotional abuse. “It made me scared as a kid and I grew up insecure,” she put in. It was especially hard since the school she went to was very religious. The teachers and some students always counted her out because of her father. The rules of the school were also very strict too, keeping her from many activities which most kids take advantage of. She stated, “It made me rebellious and it turned me away from God.” Years later she’s taken these experiences and they helped her realize how she wanted to raise her kids; furthermore, it really helped her understand some of the hardships others went through just like she did. My mom had the ability to learn from the mistakes from others, which really benefited her future. Another hardship she fought in her childhood was her many physical ailments. Patty suffered from several sicknesses, such as heart problems, and had to be frequently at the hospital. Like Odysseus she fought many ordeals and successfully got through them all.

Almost twenty years later, Patty has completely changed from what she was when she was a child. Now she is raising her own two kids, and she has taken many experiences and applies them into her life today. She also has a hearing problem; consequently, her life is a little bit harder. She still makes it and pursues what is best for her family. Many people think raising kids is a difficult task, but she takes it as one of life’s greatest experiences and tries to enjoy every day of it. “It’s really neat to see my kids succeed into young adults,” Patty added. She is very dedicated to her family life like Odysseus, and she would do anything to help her kids in the long run. Whether it’s helping her son Alex with his homework or assisting her daughter religiously it really counts. It’s these small things that all make the difference.

The most important change in her life had to be her change in faith. She went from being a rebellious Christian to a Christ-follower. Almost every day she digs deep into her Bible and shares the words of Christ with her kids. Patty is completely dedicated to her faith in God; furthermore, she passes the love onto her kids. The one thing that keeps her strong is God. She says, “He was there then, He’s here now, and He will be there in the future.” Every few nights the family sits around together and they read a small verse and talk about it. Not only does it help her kids understand their faith more, but also it helps bring the family closer together. Thankfulness is also something taught in her house. “I’m thankful for my healthy children, my husband and his job, a house, and food,” she explained. She also is dying to help out with some community service, such as food drives. All of her passion gets poured into the hearts of her kids; furthermore she is really giving them the ideas of how to lead a happy life.

Heroes don’t have to be divine figures. They can simply be a mother fighting for what is best for her kids in a modern day world. My mother is strong for putting up with the years of struggling in her childhood. She is courageous for striving to do what’s best for her family. Since she lives for God even after a difficult life, she is very religious and smart. It has to be included that her sense of humor makes the day more enjoyable. She mounts far above Odysseus and really makes a lot of people’s lives a joy. She will consider herself a true hero once one thing is fulfilled. “I’ll consider myself successful when my kids are grown up, and they are healthy and happy.” Patty is a tough woman who will fight for what’s right, and she will do anything to help her kids. Although she puts up with hard disabilities, such as her hearing, she still amounts to the top of the list as an outstanding hero. She could take up the greatest battle and win no matter what.

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