Seeking True Love

December 13, 2009
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She is a beautiful, intelligent young woman. She is talented, precious, and beloved, but she doesn’t feel that way. She doesn’t feel as though she belongs; she doesn’t feel that she is loved. She is lost and insecure. Sadly, boys are giving her the attention she craves. Clinging to them, she gives in to their every need. They give her the “love” and attention she wants, and she give them what they want: sex.

Sexual activity among teens is a growing problem. Over the years increasingly more teens turn to sex to solve their many “problems.” Teenagers use sex as a way to fit in, as a “simple past-time,” or other various reasons. They don’t realize the damage they are doing to themselves. Young people don’t realize all the benefits of remaining abstinent. Although some teens may believe having sex is beneficial, abstaining is truly more beneficial because they don’t have to worry about STDs and unwanted pregnancies, they are able to find out who they truly are and live a richer life, and they come to understand what love really means.

Some teens would argue that abstaining is the “nerd” thing. What’s in is sex. Sex is fun. They say it will help them fit in and erase of all your problems. They tell others that it’s the “adult” thing to do, and that everyone is doing it, so it’s no big deal. They say it’s the only way to avoid being made fun. Lastly they say that it’s inevitable. Teens are going to have sex anyway: this generation can’t control their hormones. I have faith in teens. I believe we can control our hormones and doing so will bring us happiness.

The number of teen pregnancies is ever growing. Teen pregnancy plays a big part in the number of abortions and high school drop outs. Bright young people are sacrificing their futures for temporary pleasure. More and more STDs are spreading. Every year many new STDs are found. Having sex once is all that is needed to contract one of these repulsive infections. Contrary to popular belief, condoms only protect from a few STDs and birth control hardly even protects. Many of these diseases are a pain to have and many of them stay with a person for life, a constant reminder of the past. Some STDs can even cause death. Abstaining from sex is the only birth control that is one-hundred percent safe. Abstain and nothing will stand in the way of your dreams or prevent you from living a full, healthy life.

Sex can also cause teens many emotional problems. Sex without love leaves a person lost and confused. Having sex distracts a person from real life experiences. I say to teens, “Wake up!” There is so much they are missing out on because of sex. Having sex can steal from a person’s self-confidence. They are constantly relying on others for approval, trying to please their every need. Remove sex, and regain that self-confidence. Remove sex, and feel respected. Remove sex, and learn to respect yourself once more. No longer will you try to please others, you are free to dig deep, and find out who you are meant to be. You will find you are secure in yourself, and you will love yourself. Abstain and find out who you really are and let happiness rule your life instead of peer pressure.

Sex is not love. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are lying. They are lying to get what they want. The truth is True Love waits. True Love respects your decisions and only wants what is best for you, and abstinence is best for you. Waiting will help you understand what True Love really means. Sex has an ability to create attachments to people. Create attachments to the wrong person, and you will be left feeling abused and dead inside. Choose to wait, and you will resurrect your heart. In order to know what real love is, you must love yourself. Sex makes you regret and feel ugly. Abstaining fills you with light. Abstain from sex and learn what True Love is, you won’t regret True Love.

That beautiful, intelligent young woman has turned her life around and has chosen a life of abstinence. She is now living a life free of the burdens of sex. Her life is full of happiness and her future is looking bright. She is confident in who she is and loves herself. Most of all, True Love has found a way into her life, into her heart. You too can turn to True Love. If everyone waited until marriage, the world would be a much different place. STDs would decrease rapidly, and there wouldn’t be so many abortions. New life would be something to look forward to, not a mistake to dread. People would live happier lives and learn to love each other with full, rich Love. No more feeling used and abused by sex. Life would be better. Teens need to stand up against sex and begin a life of abstinence today.

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