Teen violence in relationships

December 10, 2009
By sadluna BRONZE, Auruoa, Colorado
sadluna BRONZE, Auruoa, Colorado
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Teen violence can be stopped if we work together to stop it. So if you and or your friends are being abused by your boyfriend or girlfriend then you should tell some body like a parent, the police or even a guidance consular. That way they can help you deal with some issues that can arise later on, or find out why he/she would do something so cruel.

"Did you know that women between the ages of 16 to 24; experience the highest rate of the intimate violence and nearly 20 percent of a 1000 women." Quoted the Bureau of Justice Special Report of Intimate Partner Violence may 2000. They also stated that about 40% of women teenagers 14 to 17 say they know someone their age that have been hit or beaten by their boyfriends or fiancee.

It is such a horrible thought that teenagers have to go through such hard time just to be with that person they have feelings for. If I had to go through that nightmare with with anyone I would leave, and do everything in my power to make sure that person couldn't hurt anyone else.

Young men who abuse their girlfriends believe that have the right to control all women, with there high egos and strong willed masculinity as it takes a form of physical rage. They demand intimacy whether their partner wants it or not, and if there is a rejection of the idea or denys the offer they will lose respect.

This can lead to attention of outsiders seeing the couple fight and cause conflict which result into a beating. Aren't you glad that you are not in an abusive relationship with a jerk? Would you even care even care if you got beaten by a person that you are suppose to love? How would you feel and think? These questions should be running through the minds of anyone in an abusive relationship or if you know someone in one.

On August 2, 2004 a new study of teen relationship, claimed that sexuality active girls are nearly five times more likely to be a victim of an abusive partner; then a non dating teen. So as far as sexuality active couples there sadly still is a chance of having it turn from loving to aggressive.

Last year going into this year of 2009 there has been a famous abuse between singers Rihanna and Chris brown. The news stated that he had beaten her for unknown reasons. As this news grew it shows that even the celebrity lifestyle can be no different from the drama filled day to day life we have.

Would you happen to know why people do such monster like things... Till now there is no really true reason why abuse goes on in couples up to date. I guess its left at if you can do it you can get away with it. They may give 1000 of reasons of why they hit there partners but nothing can forgive them.

So if your one of those people who are dealing with an abusive boyfriend or girlfriend or know someone who is going through that; get your self out or help thats person from being hurt. Best way to to talk to trusting people like family friends or even the police. They are willing to listening if you give it a chance cause people will listen if you ask for help.

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