It feels so bad when you were not around (I miss you, yes i do)

December 7, 2009
By , Pasay City, Philippines
Again, I was inspired to write some thing tonight. Maybe because I feel so boring and I got nothing else better to do aside from facebook-ing all day, sleep, eat and watched tv. Hope this wouldn’t end to be senseless.

Many years passed by and it hurts to say that the person you’ve loved before still remains in your heart. He’s still the one that you were looking for despite the fact that he’s already happy with his life or with someone else. That person who you thought was yours. That person who makes you happy and brighten ups your day. That person who brings color to your existence and made you laugh when you’re feeling down.

There are several of people who came along, several people you’ve met and countless people who tried… tried to replace that someone in your heart but definitely failed. Maybe there were times you forget that person, temporarily but he is still the one that you were asking for. This is what I am feeling from the time that someone left me. I’m feeling so devastated. I’m feeling so empty, very empty. Losing that someone special was very hard to find. We suddenly lost our communications and it’s been a very long time since the last time I’ve seen him or we’ve seen each other. He left me without even knowing what his reasons are. Promises are really made to be broken. He promised me that he’s willing to wait, that he would never leave me and we were friends forever. But all those promises are so useless, worthless or hopeless.

Friends with benefits? Damn, hate it! You couldn’t blame me for hating that word. I wanna get rid of him. I tried. Many times. But I can’t help to convince myself not to think of him. Every night, i always pray and ask Lord to please bring him back to me.:(

I miss you, yes I do. I miss you. Very. :(

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