November 23, 2009
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One of the most distracting things about high school is definitely all of the public displays of affection. This is otherwise known as P.D.A. It’s in the hallways, classrooms, and even sometimes in the lunchroom! P.D.A is just plain disruptive and needs to be stopped.

The moment I step on to school grounds it begins. Couples are hugging and holding hands and it isn’t even eight am yet. Walking into the school I’m greeted by the sight of people lip-locking all around me. I have to squeeze between my locker and whoever is being kissed against it. I’m dogging through all the couples to escape being caught in the middle of one of their countless make-out sessions. I’ve never noticed just how many couples actually attend Amery High School.

If the same amount of energy put into flirting was put into doing our homework everyone would get straight A’s. There are always a few girls in each classroom that flirt non-stop. They never get any work done and in the meantime, distract the rest of us. Pardon me for wanting a future. The classroom is where we’re supposed to be learning, but it’s impossible for any one to concentrate with such distractions!

P.D.A also takes place in the hallways of our high school. It’s the worst! I have to practically go on an expedition to get to my locker. I have to weave in and out of girls and boys between every class. It’s like there is some invisible couple magnet pulling them all to one locker bank. They all seem to congregate in one area and crowd by MY locker. Half of the time, neither one of the people actually have a locker by mine. Heading back to class, the hallways transform into a jungle and its inhibitors are all of the love-birds kissing.

I personally don’t have a problem with dating, but I do have a problem with constant groping. The worst is when you need to speak with on e of your friends and you’ve come to find out they’ve turned to the dark side also. All you need is a simple answer to a question, but you don’t want to risk looking at the terrible sight ever again. I believe that people caught doing such inappropriate things should be penalized. They should get detention, without one single warning. People can date without making it obnoxiously public.

P.D.A is undeniably distracting and vulgar. It’s everywhere you go, totally inescapable. Every single high school kid caught in the act of P.D.A should be severely punished. It’s disruptive to others and absolutely gross. I hope to see a decline in public displays of affection in the coming school year.

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