November 21, 2009
Your heart beats fiercely as you hug and kiss one; you know they are the one. I know when I am with the one I long for: a powerful joy and warmth spreads through my body. After we hug I can still feel where his warm skin touched mine. When we kiss I feel as if the world has stopped and we are the only ones. When he holds me in his arms I feel loved and wanted. When he pulls me into a hug, and my ear is pressed against his chest, I can hear his heartbeat and feel it on my skin. It gives me a sense of happiness and peace. It's calming and makes me forget all of my problems.
All love does not have this satisfaction. Some are together, because they think they want and need it, but they don't. That is not a true and honest love.
There are many types of love. There is the love that you feel towards your family. That type of love is caring, nurturing, friendly. You may fight with family, but you can't get rid of them. There is also the love you feel towards your friends. That kind of love is quite different. It is a love of understanding, trust, and loyalty. You lay all of your secrets upon friends that you trust and you know that those secrets will be kept.
When you are betrayed your heart shatters just as it would if a family member were to reject one. The love for the one you feel that you truly belong with is a powerful love stronger than any other. I have never felt such a love though, as I am too young and have not come close. I have loved one, more than most others and felt safe, protected, and loved whenever I was around him. It was more a puppy love, young teenage love. He was one of few who could make me smile when I was sad, calm me when I was aggravated, or make me relax when I was furious and upset. When someone loves you, you try to return that love back. If they love you less, you love them less. If they love you so much, you tend to love them more too.
Some people never find a true love, but they find someone who they marry that is their best companion, and then it does eventually grow into love. That is a grand love, but is it true love? Is it the love you want? I know it is not for me. I want to feel loved. Feel wanted, and most of all feel I belong there in the place of that person and that I am the only one that they want to spend the rest of their life with. Forever.

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