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November 4, 2009
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for the words that have never been spoken.
for the promises that you have always broken.
for the kisses that took my breath from me.
for the 'youre gonna love me'.
for the tears that flowed.
for the sleepless hours.
for the break we have taken.
for the start that may never begin.
for the heart that keeps breaking.
for the strength that i have not showed.
for the ups and downs.
for the eleventh of june.
for the first of october.

here's to you.
and here's to us.
here's to what could have, what would have and what should have.
here's to loss. and here's to gain. here's to forgivness. and here's to your decision. thanks for the foolery, and thanks for pulling the bag off my head and exposing me to what i really needed to feel. thanks for the love and thanks for the talks. thanks for the football games and the family nights. thanks for the naps and thanks for the roses. thanks for 'i love you too baby!' on my whiteboard. thanks for the reminders and thanks for the cute sappy names. thanks for the laughs and the wonderous smiles. thanks for the car rides and alllll the fair food! thanks for trisha and the girls, and her hilarious boyfriend. thanks for punching. thanks for pulling bo off me. thanks for giving me a real love. thanks for almost four months of complete bliss. thanks for giving me room and thanks for crowding me. thanks for your honesty and thanks for your lies. thanks for the rodeo and thanks for the countless tickets you bought. thanks for the title. thanks for being a friend. thanks for being a boyfriend. thanks for being a person. thanks for crawling up my stairs. thanks for hiding in my house. thanks for cooking and thanks for the forehead kisses. thanks for knowing everything about me and not changing your view on me. thanks for being the one person who i told everything to. thanks for those locked texts. thanks for those saved voicemails. thanks for the funny faces and voices. thanks for understanding and for congratulating. thanks for incouraging and thanks for bringing reality to my eyes. thanks for reading my walls. thanks for not paying attention to my dirty clothes. thanks for 'uh we were just getting the dvd player grandma belle!'. thanks for being. thanks for giving me the most comfortable hoodie in this universe. thanks for having my favorite song in your name. thanks for all the 'signs' . thanks for the jokes. thanks for july fourth. thanks for calling me by my name. thanks for playing volleyball and basketball with me. thanks for the promise. thanks for being the first person to ever break me heart and then leave it. thanks for everything, and i love you so much. more than i can ever explain, even to myself.

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Tara_4 said...
Mar. 21, 2011 at 12:17 am
this is so simple yet so deep. i've experienced this personally. even though he broke your heart, you love him so much that you can't even describe it to yourself anymore. you love him so much that even when he hurts you more than anyone ever has before, you still love them. this is great. thanks for sharing
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