Artificial Happiness (revised)

October 27, 2009
As the glistening teardrops run down her face, she's thinking about that special someone. Not that there is a name or face she's thinking about, but she's merely thinking about the imperfect realization of actually having a shockingly loyal and trustworthy guy by her side. She's never done anything wrong, but yet it seems nothing ever goes right. Was it too much to ask for? Artificial happiness can only travel so far as she lives in a perfect dream waiting to be woken up and renewed by the chains of love. And it sucks to feel like you don't belong but she's choking, cutting, and torturing herself as a daily routine. These problems barely measure up to what the other half of the world seems to face. That half of the world is homeless, poor, or without work and the mere teen half are gradually stooping down to their level. This is an actual reality please don’t be the "it" but be the “who” that takes part in stopping it. Peace and Love, Amen.

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CRAZYcubanSOLE said...
Oct. 15, 2010 at 10:42 pm
I really think that your work is awesome and that your giveing a good message to the world. keep it up! :)
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