April 17, 2009
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It's not the things you do in life that you regret,It's the things you didn't do when you had a chance.

The un-voiced opinion that you wanted to be heard.

The feelings you wanted to express,but didn't quite know how to put them into words.

The honest,pure-hearted reason as to why you did what you did,But not being able to step up and share that reason.

The sympathetic "I'm Sorry" that went un-spoken ,because sorry didn't seem like enough.

At the end of the day,your regrets are put to sleep,and within a new day more will always arise.
When and where.We never know.The best thing you can do is live your life knowing that you put your heart and soul into everything you ever did!

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JJSchneider said...
Jul. 23, 2013 at 2:07 am
I love your opening! I can truly agree!
I live in Camas! Keep it up!  
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